20 March 2015
20 March 2015, Comments 0

Catalonia and Barcelona Home Sales in 2014

Home sales in Catalonia grew 24% during 2014 to 55 033, versus 44 540 in 2013 according to the statistics of real estate transactions from the Ministry of Development, the highest figure since 2010.

In the last three months of 2014, there was a strong increase in the number of house sales in Catalonia which were up 34%, the highest figure recorded in a fourth quarter since 2010, with 17 239 properties sold compared to 12 868 in Q4 2013.

In Barcelona, sales growth was higher with a 32% increase at 36 463 homes sold in 2014 against 27 591 in 2013.

Foreigners represented around 17% of Property Transactions in Barcelona.

With regard to the nationality of the buyer, transactions by foreign residents in Catalonia experienced annual growth for the fourteenth consecutive quarter, namely 17% of Catalonia transactions to a total of 9 482 purchases in Catalonia, 1 536 in Barcelona. 

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