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In Spain, most homes have a choice of electricity suppliers. There are different electricity providers in each autonomous region, and as such the price is likely to vary from place to place. There are 5 main electricity providers in Spain: Endesa, Iberdrola, HC Energia, Union Fenosa and EON.

We strongly advise you to go physically to the closest electricity office from your Spanish home. Do not try to contract electricity through their call centres because they are not reliable and you might find out that although you were promised to get activated electricity within a few days that you might have to wait another 2 weeks before this happens for an admin error or missing document that nobody let you know.

In general, the information you need to get electricity connected is the following:

– A Connection Certificate (called Boletin or Certificado de Instalación Eléctrica). This will be supplied by an electrician which your landlord will give you if you rent the property. This certificate must be very recent.
– Your NIE number certificate(Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero)
– Your Bank Account details
– A printed copy of the tenancy agreement if you rent the property
– It would help if you can find out who was the previous electricity subscriber at this address you are renting  or that you own.

Make sure that you have all docs printed and take your patience to get it done. After signing the electricity contract you then will be called within 10 days to arrange a visit from the installer.

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