How to Obtain a Numero de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE)

19 September 2015, Comments 0

All EU citizens can get a NIE that lasts for three months with just their passport.

We have heard that apparently it is faster to get your NIE at the local Spanish consulate in your EU country than in Barcelona.

The NIE is required for a number of legal and other transactions, including:
* Opening a bank account
* Buying, selling or insuring property
* Arranging credit terms or a mortgage
* Paying taxes
* Being paid for employment
* Using short-term employment agencies
* Applying for a business permit and starting a business
* Registering with social services and arranging receipt of social security benefits

1. You need to get an appointment through the website of the Spanish immigration ministry to come to make your application for a NIE. You can get the appointment just by clicking here: then select Barcelona then Certificados EU. 

2. Then if you do it in Barcelona you need to go the Oficina de Extranjeros located in C/Rambla de Guipúscoa 74, Barcelona. You will need: your passport and two photocopies of it.
At the Oficina de Extranjeros you will be given the correct form to fill out and a payslip, which must be taken to a bank to pay for the associated taxes (this is around €10). Be aware, however, that many banks will only deal with this transaction between 8.30am and 10.30am, so be prepared to either get to the Foreigners’ Office early, or complete the process over two days. Once paid, you must take your stamped slip back to the office, where you will be able to process your NIE. You will be given your number, but will have to return in approximately one week to pick up the official paper with your NIE.

Make sure you keep this official paper (and maybe scan a copy of it) as it can be asked anytime in the future for any transaction.

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