How To Verify Who Is The Owner of a Property?

13 March 2015
13 March 2015, Comments 0
The Land Registry (Registro de la Propriedad) is a public institution that is responsible for creating entitlements on real estate, in order to ensure legal security estate. Through this domain and other real rights on properties acquired, avoiding claims. It is not mandatory, but ensures legal certainty to the owner, who sees protected their rights in court before any dispute. In addition, a property count on registration document allows it to be sold or left in inheritance. You should differentiate the Land Registry from the Cadastre which is an administrative record on which necessarily must register all real estate with its corresponding description. Any action that relates to the property like its purchase, a mortgage, a lease will be there. Anyone can access these documents but before collecting it, the registrar of property should find that there is a justified and reasoned to check the status of an estate or property interest. When you go to buy a home, you must go to the registry to know who really owns the property and if you has outstanding debts, since once the floor is purchased, their tax burdens are inherited. The cost to get a simple registry note (nota simple), according to the information provided by the Association of Registrars of Spain, is around 9 euros. The fastest way to order a nota simple is to provide the number of the registered property (número de finca registral) and the registry (Registro) where the property is registered. If you don't have this information, you will to provide at least the National Identity Number DNI, or Numero International de Extranjero NIE, or Compnay number called CIF for the property owner and the address (street, number and location). In Barcelona the registro de la propriedad is located at Joan Miró, 19 y 21 - Edif. Icaria 8005 - Barcelona (BARCELONA) tel +34 932 250 843.

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