Reduced Fine For Illegal Barcelona Holiday Rental Flats If They Become Social Housing

26 August 2015
26 August 2015, Comments 0

According to a recent study from ESADE on short term holiday rental flats that in Barcelona 50% of them do not have a licence to do so. Therefore, the City Hall decided last October 2014 to stop giving any new licence for these flats and to start to fine illegal holiday rental flats. These illegal flats in the district in the Old Town in Barcelona can face a fine up to 90,000 €.

Barcelona City Hall is presently working on a project where fines could be reduced by 80% if the owner accepts to rent their flat as social housing for a three year period. It is estimated that they have found so far around 350 flats in the Old District in  Barcelona in this situation.

Barcelona City Hall has also announced that it will request from intermediary platforms to remove flats that are not included in the Generalitat Tourist Apartments Registry and access to the list of these flats.

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