Spanish Mortgages Feb 2015: +29% more than in Feb 2014

28 April 2015
28 April 2015, Comments 0

21 298 mortgages have been given by banks in Spain in February 2015 29% more than in February 2014. 3214 mortgages were given in February 2015 in Cataluña. The average amount is around 109k euros, 62% are for homes, 7% for plots, 6% for rural properties, 25% for other types of properties. 94% of these mortgages are variable indexed on the euribor 1 year, for average duration of 21 years.

Furthermore, on a monthly basis every month we observe an increase at around 2% in number of mortgages and 5% in the average value of a mortgage this confirms a recovery…

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