The Key New Office District is 22@ Barcelona

12 March 2015
12 March 2015, Comments 0
Barcelona 22 @ is an initiative of Barcelona City Council to transform 200 hectares of industrial land of the area of Poblenou in Barcelona into an innovative productive district with modern spaces for the strategic concentration of knowledge-intensive activities by investing around 180 million euros. To achieve this, a new model of compact city has been developed where the most innovative companies coexist with universities, research centers, training and technology transfer, as well as housing, facilities and green spaces. Thus, this new development is based on five industry clusters defined economic model: Media, ICT (Information and Communication), Energy, Design and Medical Technologies, and implementation of various strategic projects that facilitate business growth, creativity, networking, attraction and retention of talent and access to innovation and technology, among others. Since 2001 more than 4,500 new companies relocated there such as Yahoo! R & D, Mediapro, Microsoft, Sanofi-Aventis, Groupalia, Capgemini, Schneider Electric, Vistaprint or Indra, among others, with on average a total of 545 new companies moving there (53%) or being set up there (47%) every year. There are around 56 000 people working in that area. One of the biggest Spanish law firm Cuatrecasas will relocate at the end of 2016 to avenida diagonal 191 where around 35 million euros have been invested to build this new tower. A new hotel Hyatt is currently being built at la Plaza de las Glorias in the Torre Agbar designed by the arquitect Jean Nouvel and was bought for 150 million euros in November 2013. This tower has 34 floors with 145 m high slightly lower than the hotel arts and torre mapfre which are 154 m high. La plaza de las glorias used to have an horrible bridge which was destroyed last summer and a tunnel is just starting to be built for the next 4 years at a cost of around 17 million euros At Eliore Capital, we consider Poblenou area as one of the best investment potential due to the fact that employees of Barcelona 22@ are looking for a nice apartment close to their office and to the sea. It is important to check with us before buying due to the fact that many buildings will still be destroyed. A key area there is La Rambla del Poblenou with many nice restaurants and proximity to the sea.

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